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Director: Jeremy Quinn

Lighting: Jamie Roderick

Photography: Jamie Roderick


​White Plains Performing Arts Center (WPPAC)

December 2015 - January 2016

“From first look at the mysterious giant map of Africa draping the stage, theatregoers knew they were in for something completely different… TARZAN staging is in-your-face, technologically up-to-date and inventive, and sets the setting as strong as the reach-out-and-touch-your heart performances.


Director Jeremy Quinn has created the Congo of 1912 though the theatrical alchemy of lighting master Jamie Roderick and jungle designer Gabriel Firestone. They have packed the WPPAC proscenium, creating a place where you can imagine sailing ships, explorers’ safaris, tropical gardens and scientists’ expeditions.


WPPAC has never before created effects like these: the scenery, real jungle treetops with creeping leopards, tree houses and spectacular costumes… The actors appear galvanized by their amazing environment, giving it all they’ve got… TARZAN is Broadway quality.”


          - John F, Bailey, White Plains CitiziNet Reporter

"The stage set, a tangle of vines with a tree house up top, is a thing of childhood fantasies."

          - Brooke Lea Foster, Wee Westchester

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